No April Fools, this baby is coming!

I was so sick of being pregnant. I wasn't even due yet and all I wanted was to give birth already. I had been talking to friends about how convenient it would be to have our boy on the 1st of April. It was a Saturday so my husband wouldn't have uni, my family wouldn't … Continue reading No April Fools, this baby is coming!


I’m back!

I will start with an enormous apology to those that were following my story and I went MIA for about a year! Oops... I was so unmotivated to write the rest of my story and decided to just focus on my whanau. Since my last post I have turned 21 (woo!), our wee boy had … Continue reading I’m back!


As soon as I saw that little heartbeat I knew I would regret termination, but I kept searching for valid reasons to do it anyway. Reasons that would justify my choice. It was like tug of war with two parts of myself. Dani's heart vs Career driven Dani. I was definitely struggling with my choices … Continue reading Choices