No April Fools, this baby is coming!

I was so sick of being pregnant. I wasn’t even due yet and all I wanted was to give birth already. I had been talking to friends about how convenient it would be to have our boy on the 1st of April. It was a Saturday so my husband wouldn’t have uni, my family wouldn’t have work/school so it would have been perfect!

I started feeling niggles the morning of the 1st of April. This wasn’t hugely surprising as I had gone for a big walk with my 18 month old on my shoulders the night before. The niggles only caused slight discomfort so I continued with my day. A close friend of mine (bless her soul) came over to give my face a wee bit of a makeover for a maternity shoot I had planned. My mum/photographer had come over to see how everything was going. At this point things started to progress rather quickly and it was clear this baby wanted out! I would be sitting getting my face all done up and then leave briefly while I dealt with each contraction. Kudos to Claudia for doing her job on a woman in labour! What was meant to be a maternity shoot soon became a labour/birth shoot.

Meanwhile, my husband was setting up the pool (I had planned for a water birth at home) and my brother and sister had taken Lil Cale for a walk to get some snacks when all of this was to be over. I highly recommend having your favourite snacks handy. You won’t want to eat during, but you will definitely be wanting to eat when it’s all over. Yummy fruit does the trick for me.


For the next hour and a half I swayed my way through contractions while my whānau continued getting things ready. They had lots of hot water boiling and even the hangi steamer outside heating water for the pool. It was all go!

At this point the contractions got really bad. I just wanted this to be over already. I remember giggling with my husband about how painful this all was – giggling seems to be my coping mechanism (weird I know).


I decided it was time to jump in the pool and I’m so glad I did. It was so calming… until the next contraction came anyway.  I wasn’t in the pool for long when it came time to push. I was so nervous to start pushing. I was pushing for three hours with Cale and that was horrible, so I was hoping this wouldn’t be the same.

Lucky for me, it was the complete opposite this time. First push, my waters broke. Second push, I could feel him move through my pelvis and out came his head. Third push, he was out! Talk about your dream birth!

Two hours all up and our son was here. A healthy, screaming, little baby boy.

Niko Jules Silich was welcomed into the world by his mummy, daddy and big bro.


Only meters away were his Ma and Papa, Aunty, and Uncles. Not to mention two midwives and a student midwife. Definitely couldn’t have fit this support crew in a hospital room!


Bonding with our new little family member was amazing. Lil Cale was so sweet and cuddly with his little brother, it was beautiful. The whole home birth experience still feels so surreal. It truly was like a dream.


Niko Jules, you bring so much joy to this whānau. We are truly blessed.


Writing this, and looking at the birth photos I am still blown away with the entire experience. Anyone considering a home birth, I hope you get the same experience! Feel free to message me for any questions about preparing for a home birth etc.



Birth photography by the talented Chrissy Young Photography.
Makeup by my beautiful friend, Claudia Louis-Marie MUA


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