Three things I’ve learnt 

It has only been a year and a half ish since I became a mum so obviously I still have A LOT to learn and experience. But here a few things I have learnt since joining the mums club.

1. Breastfeeding HURTS – and whoever tells you it isn’t sore is lying.

I’m not kidding when I say giving birth was less painful than my first experience breastfeeding. It got so painful when Cale was about 3 weeks old. I would bleed every time he fed, and his spew was tinted red. I started having panic attacks every time I would have to feed. Fair to say I was ready to give up. The only reason I kept feeding was because my mum refused to let me throw in the towel and spent 24hours with me helping me latch baby on every single feed (thanks Mum). Before anyone reading this is put off breastfeeding you need to know that not every experience breastfeeding is as horrible. After about 8 weeks I was confident breastfeeding and could do it painfree. Breastfeeding takes patience and perseverance, but 100% worth the hard work!




2. Routines are a foreign concept to a newborn.

When I was pregnant I had all these plans about how life would work with a newborn – silly me. Day 1 and my plans went out the window. If routines work for you then thats awesome! But if they don’t, relax and do what works, because a stressed mama creates a stressed bubba. Try not to focus on what baby isn’t doing (eg sleeping in his own bed!) and just go with whatever works for this phase. If baby won’t sleep and only wants cuddles, its totally ok to leave the chores and snuggle up to your bubba.

16 months and still having days when he would only sleep cuddling up to his mumma


3. It doesn’t last forever

You’ll often be told that time goes so fast, and when you’re in the moment and getting very little sleep, this comment just gets annoying. But they’re right! Now that Cale is almost two and we have another newborn in the house I have realised how quick each little stage passes. I used to get so frustrated that Cale would only go to sleep if I was rocking him in the cradle hold, or that it would take me an hour to settle him after a feed at 2am because he spewed so much. But now he will tell me that its bedtime, wander off to his room and lay in bed waiting for me to cuddle him to sleep. I guess what I am trying to say is, you will survive! These trying times will end, and though you may not feel like it, you’re doing an awesome job lovely mummy!

Who would have thought our clingy pēpi would turn into this independent wee dude




2 thoughts on “Three things I’ve learnt 

  1. Breastfeeding is so painful. Its hurts, but if you can get last those first 3 weeks it’s sooo worth it. I never had any troubles with my first (she had the perfect latch from the minute she was born) but man, when the wee man came along day 4 and I was so ready to throw in the towel though, im glad I had an amazing midwife who made me persevere, because we got until 2 and a half! If I could give any advice to new mums it’s definitely to get through those first couple of hard weeks.

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