Valentines Day


This Valentines Day seemed like any other. My boyfriend and I spent the day together, eating too much food and driving around the Far North. Nice and relaxed, just how we like it.

It was just about sunset when Cale said we should go for a walk. A good idea seeing as we needed to work off that food! We were walking down a small track when I noticed a flower and a green envelope sitting on a tree stump. Written on it in his terrible chicken scratch handwriting was the first of four letters. He talked about when we first met, which always makes me giggle. Cale and I met working together one summer. We became friends pretty quick, you had to in our job because more often than not you only had each other to talk to. Working with him was great seeing as I had the biggest crush on him ever. Seriously. He was gorgeous. Towards the end of the summer Cale asked me out. The first time he brought it up I thought it was one of those times where you say you should catch up but don’t really mean it so don’t follow through. I figured if he was serious he would ask again. A couple of days later he asked again.  I was like a child going to Disneyland, you couldn’t keep the ridiculous grin off my face. When he walked away I ran over to my sister, literally jumping up and down as I told her. Sadly I had to say no. I know. Crazy right?! But, no way. I only had my work uniform. There was no way I was going on a date with Cale Silich in a bright yellow lifeguard shirt! Thats my side of how we met. His is a little different.

“Danielle… It was this time last year that I was trying my hardest to be charming over text as you seemingly drove out of my life. I was supposed to give this envelope to you at the pool as it signified the place at which I spent a summer trying to come to terms with the fact that the most perfect girl in the world had been put right here in front of me. I spent many a day and night playing out the perfect scenario in which I would ask you for you time. And of course you would say yes and we would live happily ever after. But thats not how it went at all! Just before you left I asked you out. TWICE. AND YOU SAID NO. TWICE!! Anyway, I’m glad we didn’t end up going to the pools. I hate that place. But I love you xxx”



All along the track the flowers and beautiful messages continued. He lead me to my grandparents courtyard. Under the grape vines, with the sun setting in the background a puzzle frame was placed on the table. I opened the envelopes and inside were the missing pieces. As I started putting the puzzle together my tummy filled with butterflies. His arms wrapped around my waist as I placed the last puzzle piece into place. “Marry me Baby, please please please.”







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