Baby first, Dani second

Over the weekend I started thinking about what I was going to do. My boyfriend and I spent hours on the phone discussing what was going to be the best for our wee family. This pregnancy probably couldn’t have come at a more difficult time for the both of us. Cale had been accepted into his first year of law school, and I was only nine months off completing all my training. We decided we would make a decision after I knew exactly what my options were with the aviation college.


There are limitations to flying while pregnant – not as a passenger, but as a pilot. So as soon as I was aware that I was pregnant I had to stop flying. Obviously I was still nervous to say anything as at times it felt like my entire flying dream was over. I spoke with the college about falling pregnant and we discussed my options. They were very understanding. In fact, they were amazing. I had their full support with my situation and decision to continue with the pregnancy. They even allowed me to put my flying on hold until I was ready to return.


We decided what was best was to be closer to home where I had the support I needed during my pregnancy. So I left Nelson and my flying dream to return home to be closer to my boyfriend and family. This was my new life. Baby first, Dani second. Always.


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